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Is This You?  Don't let Less Expensive cages fool you!  IS THIS YOU?
There are SO many companies today trying to get into the Backflow Security field.  Many have cheaper units than ours,  but there is NO comparison when you look at the materials, nor the fabrication methods that are used between
theirs and ours.  We use thicker, stronger materials, our welds are closer and done better, our powdercoat is thicker,
AND, we guarantee our product and supply you, the client, with superior customer service.  We are also the only
                                          company to give you all the product pieces with each unit, locks and Security Shield™, FREE!

            Backflow Assemblies are not cheap!  A stolen backflow can cost up to $2500 to replace,Don't let this be you! Use Ultimate Tuff Cage
            not to mention the hassle with the insurance company and the down time you can suffer.

               Use the BEST on the market ULTIMATE TUFF CAGE™ to secure your investment!

Ultimate Tuff Cage - Our 1/2" to 2" Backflow Assemblies
    Powdercoated Lift Off Enclosures
           for 1/2" to 2" Standard*
             Backflow Assemblies   

  * Every Ultimate Tuff Cage™ comes standard with
     locks (FREE), Custom made Hardware, and our
             Custom made Security Shields™ FREE            
Ultimate Tuff Cage - UTC 3 and UTC 4 Units
        Powdercoated Lift Off/Hinged
          Enclosures for 1 1/2" to 2"
   Standard* Backflow Assemblies 

  * Every Ultimate Tuff Cage™ comes standard with
      locks (FREE), Custom made Hardware, and our
             Custom made Security Shields™ FREE
Have Equipment that needs to be covered that doesn't fit within these cage dimensions?  We Specialize in
      UNUSUAL designs
and constructions to secure your costly investments.  CALL US - 623.298.8083
   Due to the recent thefts of Air Conditioning Units we have now established a sub-division to
Ultimate Tuff
;  AC Protectors™ .
We have been working with Residential as well as commercial  personnel and
   management to protect and secure their very costly units- We CAN secure anything small to large.
                      STOP being vandalized,
and Visit Ultimate Tuff Cage™ and ACProtectors
AC Protectors, the Ultimate in AC protection.  We have all kinds of units, and if those don't work, We specialize in custom designs. 
           Don't be a TARGET of Copper Theft!

         Visit our ACProtectors product page

                          ACProtectors - Don't be a Target of Copper
       COMING SOON......
Mr Soaker Hose - Ultimate Tuff Cage- The Ultimate Security for Your Backflows


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