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                                     Ultimate Tuff  Cage™ LLC is here to be YOUR Solution!  We can enclose ANYTHING,
                                                   but specialize in securing your Backflow Assembly investments
            A Vandalized Backflow Assembly - REMEMBER...PREVENTION costs less
                   than REPLACEMENT


Ultimate Tuff Cage - UTC-Tan in Business Complex
    Tan Powdercoated UTC-2
  Enclosures are made by many different companies these days, promising you the world
  and that they are the best......
  We at Ultimate Tuff Cage know your environment, and the problems you face daily trying to protect our very precious
  water sources. We have done a lot of research and development to design a protective backflow enclosure that would 
  meet your needs, enhance our environment, and save you money. We believe we have met all those requirements.  We
  have strived to help our environment by using only recycled  materials and environmentally safe coatings, producing a
  "GREEN" product.

                           We are
"Partner's In Green", An Environmentally Responsible Business
    The new Ultimate Tuff Cage™ design, provides superior strength and safety, meeting all the ASTM standard and
    requirements metals and paints. We have designed our cage to be attractive, and safe, (with no sharp edges), AND it
    comes standard with the newly designed TuffBox Lockbox™ which is designed to protect padlocks from thieves using bolt
    cutters on an assortment of valuable backflow devices of many types and sizes. From backflow prevention assemblies to air
    vacuum relief valves and Gas Valves we can enclose anything you want to protect. We also fabricate our own Heavy Duty 
    hardware that works well with our superior enclosures. We can supply you with complimentary locks, upon request.
   We like to supply our users with a complete package, a One Stop Shop!!

Ultimate Tuff Cage™ is here to be your solution to a very intense theft
                                               and vandal problem that is plaguing most areas today.

   Ultimate Tuff Cage - Always safe and secure - using quality materials, and craftsmanship

Ultimate Tuff Cage has developed a Security Shield to protect your locks from bolt cutters  UTC Security Shield
      Have a problem area? We can produce any type of cage enclosure to meet your needs. Should you need a special
      size or design, please contact our office for assistance, we would be happy to work with you. We have the sizes most
      commonly used IN STOCK for quick delivery, Desert Tan or Cali Green. These superior powdercoated cages are warranted
      for workmanship and manufacturers defects for 5 year
, powdercoat is warrantied for one year..

      Please contact us if you have any questions concerning these products or if you need pricing
      information and we will be more than happy to assist you.  If you are a Municipality or Contractor,
      please contact our office for discounted pricing.

                              We aim for "Quality and Protection" at a great price!
                                       . "A Made in the USA product"All of the products at Ultimate Tuff Cage are made in the USA.

                                               Ultimate Tuff Cage supports Breast Cancer ResearchUltimate Tuff Cage™ is a proud sponsor
                                                             in Breast Cancer Research

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